Private One-On-One Sessions

Private Music Therapy Sessions for individuals takes place in-home or on-site, and are conducted by a Board Certified Music Therapist. Services are provided to individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorder, Special needs, Developmental disabilities, dementia, behavioral disorders, and those who have been abused or neglected.

Goals that may be addressed include:

  • Cognitive and academic skills
  • Emotional expression and awareness.
  • Communication skills (verbal/ nonverbal)
  • Social Skills
  • Fine and Gross motor functions
  • Behavior management
  • Coping skills

Music interventions that may be used include:

  • Singing
  • Music and movement
  • Music Improvisation
  • Instrument playing
  • Song-Writing
  • Music and art
  • Music listening (Active and Receptive)

Group Sessions

Group sessions are provided on site within your facility or home. These groups are 30-minutes long and are customized to meet the needs of each group. Groups increase motivation among individuals and can promote a more enjoyable experience. Music in a group setting can increase communication, socialization, and participation among all individuals. Each part of the session is designed to focus on a different goal.

A Session may include:

  • Greeting and closing songs
  • Instrument playing
  • Music and Movement
  • Singing
  • Song writing
  • Chimes, bells, and fingerplay

Goals Targeted may include:

  • Communication and Social skills
  • Motor and sensory awareness skills
  • Memory, academic and Cognitive skills
  • Literacy (letter recognition, reading, vocabulary) skills.